Release Your Trapped Emotions

With Certified Emotion Code Practitioner Jo

What Is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a simple and effective way to identify and release Trapped Emotions using muscle testing (which is often called Kinesiology). It was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a long-term chiropractor in the U.S. after he realised there was an emotional energetic component contributing to the physical ailments and emotional suffering of his patients. Using The Emotion Code, Release With Love can help you to release Trapped Emotions that are contributing to:

Meet Jo May
Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner

I am a helper and guide who combines knowledge, love and intuition to sensitively walk alongside you on your healing path, supporting you to release layers you are ready to release. Just as the sun is always shining, yet sometimes obscured by the clouds, so too can our light be obscured by accumulated subconscious energies resulting from past trauma. Are you ready to compassionately release Trapped Emotions to let more light into your life?

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Free Clarity Call

Let’s get to know each other a little bit, so you can decide if this is right for you. You can ask me questions, and if you are comfortable, I can release one Trapped Emotion to show you how it works.

What happens in an Emotion Code® Session?

01 Intention

Firstly, we will agree a specific issue to work on. It could be a pain, an emotional state like anger which you want to shift, or a behaviour you wish to change, or something you want to create that you have not been able to and you're seeking to remove the blocks to that creation.

02 Connection

I will connect to your energy by distance connection (it could also be in-person). To do this, I use focused intention and presence, and use muscle testing to check that I have made a connection. If we were in-person, I could physically test your body in a number of ways. For example, you could hold out your arm and I would press down on it and ask a question that has a yes or no answer, such as “my name is Bob” and check the answer the body gives. This is known as a “baseline” test.

03 Identify

I ask your subconscious (using muscle testing of your body) if there are Trapped Emotions contributing to the specific issue you are working on. Then, using a chart of 60 Emotions, together we identify which one wants to be released. We may need to find out more information about it before it can be released.

04 Release the Energy

The Trapped Emotions are released using magnetic energy and focussed intention. This magnetic energy magnifies universal energy and erases that Trapped Emotion in a similar way that a magnet can wipe the information from a credit card if it is swiped along the magnetic strip.

05 Process

Once Trapped Emotions have been released, it may take a day or two to fully process this release, as the body adjusts to this energy moving out. During this time you may feel tired, or more emotional than usual. Some people do not notice any processing symptoms. These Trapped Emotions are then gone permanently.

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“The light in me sees the light in each and every one of you”


Does this sound like you?

If any of these resonate with you, please know that there is hope.  

No one is to blame, it doesn’t matter what caused the Trapped Emotion, I can help you to release with love these potentially harmful energies quickly.

Are you ready to release what’s no longer serving you?

Do you want to create a positive change in your life?

If so, let’s connect and start releasing….